Apples from Europe – high quality apples



EU fruit, especially apples, stand out in terms of quality and unique taste, and their production meets the most stringent European and world standards. Apple producers pay great attention to maintaining the tradition of production passed down from generation to generation, combining it with modern technological solutions used in horticulture. The unique climatic (warm days and cold nights) and soil conditions in Europe contribute to the extraordinary aroma and exceptional sweet-sour taste of apples, and legal regulations in the field of trade standards (COMMISSION DELEGATED REGULATION (EU) 2019/428 of July 12, 2018)1, which are constantly updated, allow consumers to be sure about the high quality and safety of the product they consume.


Pursuant to Regulation No. 543/2011, almost all varieties of fresh fruit and vegetables marketed in the European Union are subject to the requirements of trade standards, and apples are covered by detailed trade standards. The content of the specific trade standards is set out in Annex I, Part B to Regulation No 543/20112. The standards define in detail the requirements for:
– quality
– size
– tolerance
– presentation

– marking

2 As above