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Time for Apples
from Europe

– Discover the taste and quality of apples from the European Union. Modern production, centuries-old tradition and respect for the environment. Taste them and see for yourself!

Apple exports to Egypt and Jordan, as well as India and Vietnam

Learn about statistics on apple exports from the European Union and rules and opportunities for imports to Egypt, Jordan, India, and Vietnam.

Apple varieties

Apples from Europe – there are many varieties, a diversity of flavours and a wealth of nutritional value. Find out which apples will suit which occasion.

Food safety

There are high standards for apple production in the European Union. The standards specify, among other things, whether or not suitable plant protection products can be used, as well as a number of requirements relating to the preparation, packaging and transport of the fruit. Thanks to these standards, consumers can be sure that EU fruit is not only tasty, but that it is produced with respect for the environment.

Apple production in Europe

Apple trees are the most common fruit tree in the European Union, with 450,000 hectares under cultivation. The largest apple producers in the European Union are Poland, Italy and France. It is worth knowing that orchards in Poland account for as much as 1/3 of the total area under apple trees in the European Union, and apple orchards there cover 72% of all fruit crops.


One apple a day keeps a doctor away – the originator of this saying was right. Find out why you should reach for this fruit.

About the campaigns

The Association of Polish Fruit Growers runs two information and promotion campaigns aimed at promoting European apples on foreign markets – “Time for Apples from Europe” and “Time for Apples from Europe in Asia”.

The “Time for Apples from Europe” campaign is a three-year campaign to be carried out in the markets of Jordan and Egypt from 2022 to 2025, and includes the promotion of the nutritional value and quality, fresh and processed apples, produced in the European Union.

The “Time for Apples from Europe in Asia” campaign is a project launched in 2025 and will last until 2027, with activities targeting two prospective apple markets in the Southeast Asian region – India and Vietnam.


Discover reliable ways to use apples

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Red borscht with apples

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