Apples from Europe – high quality apples



We invite you to participate in the “Dessert with Apples” competition organized on our Facebook fan page! The competition is a great opportunity to win interesting prizes. Just go to the profile and find the November competition post titled “Dessert with Apples”.

In the competition a question related to apples is asked, which must be answered correctly in a comment under the competition post. The competition jury will select three lucky participants from among the first to provide correct answers to the question. It is worth participating in the competition not only because of the chance to win, but also to expand your knowledge about apples and their uses in desserts.

The competition will be held from November 21, 2023 from 10:00 to November 28, 2023. Remember to be quick and precise in your answers, because material prizes are waiting for the three fastest participants!

Good luck!