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World Apple Day - how do we celebrate it in Europe?

World Apple Day is an annual holiday established on October 21, 1990 by the British charity Common Ground to draw attention to the diversity of apple varieties and their health and taste benefits. In Europe, World Apple Day is also an opportunity to highlight the value of local products and compliance with the principles of sustainable development, which are extremely important for preserving biodiversity and protecting the natural environment. This holiday also aims to promote apple eating in society, especially among children and young people. This holiday is also an opportunity to draw attention of people around the world to the importance of fruit in human diet and health. Apples are one of the healthiest fruits in the world. They constitute a rich source of vitamin C, fibre and antioxidants. World Apple Day gives apple growers a chance to present their fruit and share knowledge about the cultivation process. It is also a good time to emphasize the importance of protecting the environment and sharing information about the benefits and challenges of apple production. In Europe, World Apple Day is celebrated in different ways, depending on the country.

Celebrations in Poland

World Apple Day in Poland is celebrated on September 28. On this day, apple-related festivals, fairs, competitions and meetings are organized. The most interesting celebrations of World Apple Day take place in Warka, i.e. in the Grójec Basin – the largest orchard in Europe. During World Apple Day, a family picnic takes place here with numerous attractions, such as a culinary show, animations for children, handicraft workshops, a picnic of the Rural Women’s Association, a field game and a feast concert.

On the occasion of World Apple Day, schools and kindergartens organize classes devoted to apples. Children learn about the properties of these fruits, how they are grown and why they are so valuable. This precious knowledge is transferred through games and competitions. World Apple Day has special significance in Poland. The apple is a symbol of Polish agriculture. It is also a very popular fruit in Poland and around the world. Every fourth apple in Europe comes from Poland.

Celebrations in other European countries

World Apple Day is celebrated around the world on October 21. A variety of events are organized to celebrate this holiday in Europe, including competitions, festivals, fairs and tastings, as well as educational seminars and workshops. Many of these events are organized by local municipalities, non-governmental organizations and schools. In France, World Apple Day is called “La fête de la pomme” and is celebrated by organizing various apple-related events and festivals, such as apple tastings, competitions for the best apple producer, workshops for children and adults, and much more. In Great Britain special events are organized such as apple tastings, apple tree branch trimming demonstrations, competitions for the largest organic apple producer and much more. In Germany, Italy and other European countries, this day is celebrated similarly. Apple-related fairs and shows are organized.

Europe has a long tradition in apple production and consumption. This fruit can be found in many dishes, such as French Tarte aux Pommes, Polish szarlotka, English apple pie or German apfelstrudel. Thanks to numerous apple varieties available in Europe and the methods of growing them, apples have become an integral part of European cuisine and culture. As World Apple Day is celebrated in Europe, consumers are inspired to increase their consumption of apples, reminded of their benefits and encouraged to eat apples as a healthy snack or as part of their diet. World Apple Day in Europe is a great opportunity to draw attention to the importance of apples in our daily diet, as well as to issues related to apple cultivation and environmental protection. We encourage everyone to take part in this celebration.

All of these examples show how many different ways of celebrating World Apple Day there are in Europe. The health benefits of eating apples, as well as their importance as a cultural and regional value, make this day an important event in the calendar of European communities.


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