Apples from Europe – high quality apples



The Association of Polish Fruit Growers cordially invites you to the press conference of the program “Time for Apples from Europe”, which promotes European apples and develops business relations between exporters from Europe and Jordan.

The conference is part of the economic mission and will be held on May 30 at 10:00 AM at Kempinski Hotel (Abdul Hamid Shouman Street, Amman, Jordan) in Amman.

The conference will be attended by Mirosław Maliszewski, President of the Association of Polish Fruit Growers and a European expert in the fruit-growing industry, who will discuss the topic of apple production potential in the European Union, detailing Polish standards for quality control and packaging. The benefits of trade relations and importing apples of excellent quality from European Union countries will also be presented.

Culinary workshops conducted by a Jordanian chef will be an interesting and active part of the conference. It will be an opportunity to learn new recipes and techniques of preparing apple dishes and to taste delicious desserts.

Presence at the press conference also constitutes a great opportunity to talk in person with experts about the export and fruit-growing of apples in the European Union.

Join us.

See you there!