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The first year of the “Time for apples from Europe” campaign is behind us

The first year of the information and promotion campaign “Time for apples from Europe” is behind us. Over the last 12 months, a number of actions have been taken to make fresh apples from the European Union famous and to build awareness of recipients about their quality, unique taste and high production standards. How, where and who promoted unique European apples?


Destination – Egypt and Jordan

The “Time for apples from Europe” campaign is a continuation of the project implemented in Egypt and Algeria in 2017-2019, addressed to professionals and consumers. This time, promotional activities were targeted at recipients from Egypt and Jordan – these markets are among the most promising in terms of the increase in the export of fresh apples. The “Time for apples from Europe” project in its new version was launched in full swing in April 2022 and has not slowed down for a moment!

Communication is the basis

Over the last year, the “Time for apples from Europe” campaign was present in the media on many levels. A total of 6 press releases were sent to recipients in Egypt and Jordan, informing about fruit production in the EU, as well as about the ventures undertaken as part of the project. Mirosław Maliszewski, president of the Association of Polish Fruit Growers, the organization initiating the project, referred to the issue of apple exports from the EU and its expansion in his statements. The president of the Association of Polish Fruit Growers gave a total of four interviews, two of which were published in printed press (Al Borsa, Addustour), and the other two on the Internet (Masrawy, Jo24).

EU apples conquer the Internet

The official website of the campaign – constituted the knowledge base on European apples and their production throughout this time. It was there that a total of 27 news items appeared, conveying fruit-growing news and industry trivia. They were published in three languages: Polish, English and Arabic, to reach the largest possible audience.


Apples and social media

In the last 12 months, European apples have also been intensively promoted in social media. Over 150 apple posts appeared on the Facebook profile of the campaign. Four competitions with prizes and six mini-quiz competitions were organized there. More than 15,600 followers kept track of news from the campaign’s activities in social media.


Master Chef

The presence of the “Time for apples from Europe” program in social media does not end there. In the first year of the campaign, European fruit was promoted under the wings of Manal Al Alem, a Jordanian master chef whose culinary performances are regularly followed by almost 4 million followers on Instagram. Manal Al Alem has prepared 4 publications, and at the same time recipes with European apples in the lead role. Recipes for delicious dumplings with apples and cinnamon or apple mini cheesecakes opened a great opportunity to recreate them at home and taste the quality of European apples yourself.


Journeys far away

In the first year of the campaign, fruits from the EU travelled around the world! The destination of the first trip organized as part of the “Time for Apples from Europe” project was Jordan, where in September 2022 the international HoReCa Jordan fair in Amman was held – a highly reputable exhibition of the hotel, catering and food industries. In December, European apples conquered Cairo during one of the largest food fairs in Africa – Food Africa. At both events, European apples were promoted at stands dedicated to the campaign, where visitors could gain new experiences and receive gifts. There was also space for business meetings.

Conference in Cairo

During the Food Africa fair, a press conference of the “Time for apples from Europe” campaign was held, which gathered many local journalists and bloggers. The Polish Ambassador to Egypt, Mr. Michał Łabenda, as well as the Head of the PAIH Foreign Trade Office in Cairo, Jacek Grad, and the president of the Association of Polish Fruit Growers, Mirosław Maliszewski, additionally graced the event with their presence. The conference was also attended by a well-known gastronomic influencer – Fatma Abu Haty, followed on Instagram by almost 1 million people. The chef made sure that the participants of the meeting did not lack any delicious snacks with European apples in the lead role.

There is a lot ahead of us

Although the activities carried out under the “Time for Apples from Europe” campaign brought solid results in terms of increasing target groups’ awareness of EU fruit and its production in the first year, the project will certainly not slow down. Over the next 12 months, apples produced in the EU will continue to win the hearts of Egyptian and Jordanian consumers, for example during a visit to the upcoming Food Africa fair or during a trip to Jordan, this time in the form of a trade mission. The second year of the campaign will bring cooperation with influencers, as well as media activities, including further activity on the website and social media, where more apple competitions with prizes will be waiting for Internet users – we are ready for new challenges!

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