- 1/2 cup of flour,
- 1/2 glass of milk,
- 1 egg,
- a small pinch of salt,
- 1 op. vanilla sugar or 1/2 op. vanilla sugar or half of a vanilla pod,
- 1/2 teaspoon of baking powder,
- 2 apples,
- cinnamon,
- frying butter,

For serving:

- natural yogurt, honey or icing sugar.


Pour the flour into a bowl, add milk, egg, salt, half of the vanilla sugar packet or half a vanilla pod and baking powder. Mix or blend into a homogeneous mass.

Wash the apples, peel them. Cut out the seed nests from the inside (using a special cutter or a sharp knife). Cut the apples into approx. 7 mm slices. Sprinkle with a pinch of cinnamon and the rest of vanilla sugar

Heat the pan, put in 2 tablespoons of butter and when it is hot put in apples previously dipped in the batter. Fry until golden on both sides, about 3 minutes on each. Put on a plate and serve, for example, with icing sugar, natural yogurt, honey and cinnamon.