The coming end of the year is a perfect time to draw some conclusions. It is worth taking advantage of the opportunity to check what the fruit growing sector has been up to in recent months. Where were the apples sold? What’s going on in the export market? We present an overview of reports from the industry media.

Fruit celebrations

On October 21, the representatives of the fruit growing industry exchanged wishes – that’s when the World Fruit and Vegetable Festival took place. The celebrations were also a pretext to remind you that apples are a great, refreshing and extremely appetizing snack, which is worth reaching for every day.

Apples conquered Bolzano

On November 17-19, the city of Bolzano in Italy turned into the apple capital of the world. It was there that the international Interpoma fair, entirely dedicated to apples, was held. The talks of industry experts present at the event focused not only on the production of apples, but also on their promotion and innovation in the fruit growing sector. During the official opening evening, Interpoma Awards 2022 were presented, this year dedicated to technologies focused on optimizing the use of water resources in orchards. The winner in the “Company” category was a Polish company Inventia sp. z o.o. with the Agreus® system designed by them.

Export spring in the EU

Optimistic reports also came from the EU export sector. It is growing in strength, which is illustrated by numbers: in 2022, 11% more apples were exported from the European Community than in the same period in 2021 - a total of over 117,200 tons of fruit, while last season export amounted to 105,400 tons. At the same time, we are observing a decrease in apple import in the EU. In October 2021, import amounted to over 24,000 tons - in 2022 it decreased to 13,700 tons, which is a decrease of 42%.

Gala on a pedestal

Meanwhile, fruit growing export was dominated by Gala - recently this variety of apples has been particularly popular among buyers. Aromatic fruits from Europe found their way to India or Oceania countries in large quantities.

Poland is a candidate for the main exporter to Jordan

In the face of increasing production costs and a difficult political and geopolitical situation, the foreign trade sector is struggling with numerous problems, which also applies to fruit growing. Despite this, we still have optimistic information in this regard. Poland, as one of the main suppliers of apples with export of approx. 16,000 tons, has a chance to become a leading exporter to the Jordanian market. However, the ambitions of our fruit growers do not end there. As Mirosław Maliszewski, the president of the Association of Polish Fruit Growers, says, the mission regarding European apples is not only to make them popular on the Jordanian market, but also to have them re-exported to other countries located in that region.

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