In September, we celebrate two days associated with one of the most popular fruits, known all over the world - the apple. The purpose of World Apple Day, which we are celebrating on September 28, is primarily to popularize its advantages, and there are quite a lot of them! Apart from being a great vitamin bomb, apples provide our body with many valuable nutrients. The apple also symbolizes health, strength, beauty and youth1. It is therefore an inseparable part of pop culture, being, among others, a traditional attribute of royal power, a way to win a lady’s heart according to Greek mythology, while kids may associate it with the fairy tale about Snow White. In addition, one medium-sized apple with its peel has approx. 50 kcal, so it is a healthier alternative to sweets.

The leading EU country in terms of apple production and export is Poland. According to data from Statistics Poland, in 2021, it produced about 4 million tons, i.e. about 13% more than in 20202. Italy is just behind Poland, and France is third3. Polish apples are known and appreciated all over the world, and thanks to many varieties everyone will find something for themselves. It is estimated that there are over 8,000 varieties of apples in the world, so it is quite obvious that it is one of the most diverse fruits in the world. Poland’s moderate climate is the factor ensuring the multitude of varieties of Polish apples and their exceptional taste. Thanks to the changing temperatures throughout the year, European apples acquire an intense flavour, and fruit growers can grow both summer and winter varieties.

Apples can be used in many ways and to prepare a wide variety of dishes. One of the most well-known and popular desserts with apples as the main ingredient is apple pie. The European cake, which has many counterparts around the world, celebrated its day on September 16. For many people, its mere smell or image can bring back childhood memories. Simple to make and delicious at the same time, it is part of the tradition of many cultures. As a result, apple pie has many names, because every mother and grandmother has their own, proven recipe for it. Apple pie or apple cake are prepared in a variety of ways. They may differ in taste, appearance, type of dough, form of serving, but the main role is always played by the apple. In Poland, we usually serve apple pie with a shortcrust bottom, a large layer of freshly grated apples and a crumble topping. In the United States, the cake consists of two layers of delicious shortcrust and butter dough and a large portion of slightly processed sour apples. To learn about the recipes for using apples in baking or to experience new flavours, have a look at our suggestion presenting apple pie with raw apples.