The Association of Polish Fruit Growers is the organizer of a 3-year information and promotion campaign aimed at promoting European fruit on the markets of Egypt and Jordan under the name: “Time for apples from Europe”. The project combines not only the goal of expanding the export market of European apples to these markets, but also the information aspect.

Raising awareness of sustainable nutrition and the importance of including fruit and vegetables from trusted sources in your daily diet is one of the campaign's goals. The broad experience of experts from the Association of Polish Fruit Growers in the field of horticulture is a source of reliable knowledge, while the restrictive rules for running orchards established by the European Green Deal constitute the foundations of a good quality product both before and after it is placed on the store shelf.

The three years dedicated to implementing the program will be filled with attractive promotional activities, including participation in industry fairs, e.g. HoReCa Jordan in Amman (September 27-29, 2022) or Food Africa in Cairo (December 5-7, 2022), organizing culinary presentations performed by professional chefs and building recognition through media presence. We also encourage you to follow the campaigns on Facebook and YouTube.

Experts from the Association of Polish Fruit Growers, involved in the implementation of the campaign, believe in the idea of sustainable agriculture and intend to spread such attitudes. The taste and quality of European apples are known and appreciated in many countries around the world, being the pride of local orchards and agricultural enterprises. For Egyptians or Jordanians, fruit from another continent may seem exotic and unattainable. It is a myth! The campaign aims to eliminate such stereotypes and create an image of apples as an element rich in vitamins, of high quality and worth its price, but also available in numerous varieties, among which everyone can find something they like.