Global markets are dominated by one-colour varieties: red, yellow and green, such as: Golden Delicious, Red Delicious and Gala.

In member countries of the European Union, the cultivation of single-colour apples makes up even 80% of total production. The most popular variety is considered to be Gala and its mutations, such as Gala Royal, Jugala, Galaxy and Annaglo.

On a global scale, 50% of production consists of the Golden Delicious, Red Delicious and Gala varieties. The World Apple And Pear Association (WAPA) stated that in 2015 in European Union countries, the most commonly grown apple varieties were:  Golden Delicious (2,677,000 tons), followed by Gala
(1,382,000) and Idared (1,129 ,000).[1]


Source: own calculation based on European Apple And Pear Crop Forecast, August 2016


Golden Delicious

Fruit of this variety are characterised by their light, greenish-yellow, delicately shiny skin, which sometimes takes on a lightly blushing red. Their pulp is juicy, crispy and aromatic. They have a sweet-wine taste and are one of the most delicious apple varieties. Golden Delicious are ideal as a quick snack.


This is a variety which gives a lot of fruit. The fruit are medium size, with a spherical-conical shape. Their skin is smooth, striped with a bright red blush which covers over ¾ of the fruit surface. The pulp is fine-grained, juicy, crispy and sweet. It’s a very tasty variety.


This attractive looking variety is characterised by its average size, spherical shape flattened by the calyx, as well as its fuzzy, blushing red covering up to 90% of the apple’s surface. Their skin is thick and shiny. The pulp is creamy white, fine-grained, juicy and firm, with a slightly acidic taste. This type is especially durable and even without temperature control retains its qualities for a long time. This makes it an ideal variety for long-haul transport.

Red Delicious

Fruit of this variety are characterised by their conical shape, narrowing towards the calyx. Their skin is shiny and coloured a deep red-crimson. The pulp is white or greenish, and their taste is very sweet. These apples are valued for their attractive appearance and durability in commercial trade. Their skin is relatively thick, resistant to mechanical damage and bruising. For this reason it is an excellent export variety which long retains its freshness, even in transport over very long distances.


This is a large-fruit variety. The fruit have a spherical-conical shape. The skin is smooth with a characteristic oily surface. It is greenish-yellow, and blush appears only on the sunlit part of the fruit. This pulp of this type is creamy, juicy and aromatic. It is one of the most delicious dessert apples, and is also ideally suitable for preserves.


Fruit of this variety are characterised by their spherical-conical shape. They are large or medium size. The skin is smooth and greenish-yellow. A fuzzy-striped blush in coral red covers over half the fruit. The pulp is juicy, sweet, with a delicately acidic taste. It is aromatic and commonly recognised as very tasty.