The National Centre for Support of Agriculture (NCSA) is a governmental institution which was established on 1 September 2017, on the basis of the law of 10 February 2017.

The main tasks of the NCSA are supporting the development of rural areas and undertaking interventions with national funds, restructuring and privatisation of assets of the State Treasury used for agricultural purposes as well as transactions of real estate and other assets of the State Treasury used for agricultural purposes. The Centre conducts activities serving the improvement and stabilisation of agricultural markets, and also supports farmers and agricultural businesspeople in developing their operations. The NCSA’s activities widely support Polish agricultural entrepreneurs in the production of foodstuffs which respond to current trends, customs and needs of consumers. The NCSA makes available analyses and information regarding markets of agricultural and food products, as well as the implementation of mechanisms of active agricultural policy on agricultural and food markets.

 The NCSA has its main office in Warsaw. The Centre has 17 regional departments.